Proposal for Ramps by Toolshed

This proposal will be voted on by UpGarden plot holders and active volunteers. Ballots will be available in the toolshed and sent via email on 6/3/2016. Voting ends June 13, 2016.

Proposal for Ramp by Tool Shed

We need to build a ramp by the tool shed over the raised walkway that runs down the center of the garden. There are two reasons for this:

  1. Access for gardeners with accessibility issues, children using the garden with accessibility issues and the general safety of garden visitors.
  2. The ramp will also fill an important piece for securing the drainage mats to eliminate the drainage problems that we have in that area.

The cost is $175. We will also be trying to raise the funds as part of a grant we are working on, but since we hope to do the work when Seattle Works volunteers come, we may need to buy the materials before the grant goes through. Since it is over $175, we have to put it through the proposal process of the garden.
If you have any questions, please contact Bonnie Hedman:

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