Notes from the All Garden Meeting 3/16/2016

UpGarden Meeting Notes: Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sandy Pernitz-Seattle Department of Neighborhoods - Community Garden Coordinator for UpGarden

  • Discussed there are now 90 P-Patches around Seattle
  • P-Patch Community Gardening - Neighborhoods office has move to the 4th Floor of City Hall
  • Outlined rules in particular for individual Gardeners:
    • Gardeners must volunteer 8 hours of time. This is time outside of your own gardening.
    • Do not wait until the end of the year to accumulate the required 8 hours; as this puts strain to find projects.
    • If there is a personal situation that hinders your ability to accrue 8 volunteer hours, please let your Lead or Bonnie know.
    • Only Organic Gardening to take place.
    • Gardeners are required to garden year round and evidence of this must be in place. v
    • If you are unable to garden your plot, please let your Lead or Bonnie know.
    • By April 1st if your plot has not been tended to you will be contacted.
    • When planting DO NOT SHADOW your neighboring gardener.
    • Water short periods of time but often

Bonnie Hedman AKA Gardening Grandma Hedman – Garden Coordinator for UpGarden

  1. Volunteer Hours
    • Majority of work parties are on Saturday and a great way to accrue you volunteer hour.
    • Bonnie will make a list of other projects that can be complete on days other than Saturday.
    • Suggest joining other teams (i.e. irrigation) to accrue the required volunteer hours.
  2. Communications
    • There are different methods of connecting with P-Patches and UpGarden
    • P-Patch Dispatch-these are for all the p-patches, if you decide you do not want to received them, contact Sandy
    • Friday Newsletter distributed by Stephanie Krimmel
      Any contribution please provide to Stephanie by Thursday at noon.
    • Facebook Page – which is public
    • Twitter account: #upgardenppatch
    • Facebook Upgarden Forum (Closed group but reach out to Carolyn Kresser, encouraged to use as good place to ask other gardeners for information and help. Also good place to find people to cover your beds while you are gone.
    • Website:
  3. Bees
    • 2nd winter whereupon bees have not survived
    • Mites and diseases are the case of the bees not surviving
    • There are more resistant bees but they do not product honey
    • Current hives cost $250.00 each
    • Suggest using Mason Bees with estimated starting kit at $25.00
    • Mason Bees are early pollinators
    • Also discussed using Tuning Forks for pollination (used for Tomatoes, Potatoes and Eggplants)
    • Winter Humming Birds have also been spotted
  4. Drainage
    • Will need to dig up and replace draining mats
    • Work to be completed during work parties.
  5. Composting
    • Items placed in the compost must be chopped into 4” (inch) pieces
    • Get the dirt off of the items; as dirt disrupts the composting process
    • Reference the Friday Newsletter that has images of the toxic weeds
    • Place toxic weeks in blue garbage bags and take with you to dispose.
    • Seattle Center has been helpful in picking up larger bags at the entrance at the lower section of the garden.
  6. Fertilizer
    • 3 pound bag will be provided to each gardener by Seattle Dept of Neighborhoods
    • There will be a class about how to fertilize.
    • If you still have a supply of last year’s fertilizer, it is still good to use.
    • Awaiting the final soil testing results sent in by Bonnie
    • Lime will need to be added this year but the soil results will provide additional data.
  7. Sign-up sheets for Lawn, Fundraising, Transportation and Gleaning (extra food is picked from individual plots and provided to food banks).

Valerie Heide Mudra: Lead for Common Beds

  • 16 flower beds designed for pollinators
  • Do not touch any item in the common beds
  • Common beds also include trellis, car and berry patches
  • Looking at having meeting the week of April 11

Marilyn Roy: Lead for Giving Garden

  • Provided 1130 pounds of organic food to local food banks. WAY TO GO!!!!!!
  • 1/3 more water was used in 2015 than previous year
  • Will update and replace drip hoses
  • Three crop rotations toke place
  • Year round planting
  • Sign up to join Giving Garden team.
  • In 2016 Sandy would like Marilyn to keep separate track of produce provided to giving garden from other Gardens, gleaning vs giving garden produce.

Carolyn Kresser: Lead for Accounting

  • GROW is the main body that over-seas all P-Patch monies.
  • UpGarden 2015 costs totaled $1854.05
    • Current 2016 balance: $1101.49 ($1351.49 with the pending donation)
  • Stressed the importance of reaching out to your company to see if they match or pay for volunteer hours.
  • Per UpGarden policy: A Lead can approve any expense under $100; but over $100 a proposal must be submitted to all gardeners for approval.
    • Each gardener has 16 days to vote for proposal. If a gardener DOES NOT VOTE within the 16 days; that is considered a YES VOTE.

Craig Moore: Lead Irrigation

  • Late March water will be turned on at faucets (Determined by Seattle Center)
  • Drip lines normally will be turned on in June
  • There will be 2-Springtime classes to learn how to set-up your drip system on the week-ends
    • Starter kit will be provided to those that attend classes
    • Best to attend classes but after scheduled classes are over, will need to reach to Craig for assistance.
    • If there is a need, Craig may set-up a weeknight class.
  • Irrigation team will add drip system to Common Beds
  • Irrigation team will update/replace drip lines for Giving Garden
  • Craig will audit each plot which means turning on the water to ensure there are no leaks in a gardeners drip line. If there is a leak, a fluorescent ribbon will be attached to your main on/off knob. DO NOT TURN ON THE WATER until your leak is fixed.
  • If there is no fluorescent ribbon on your on/off knob then you are free to turn on the water.
  • General Watering Tips
    • If you see water running out from your plot, you are done watering.
    • Water shorter amounts but more frequently.
    • Drip lines scheduled watering is in the early morning
  • Need gardeners to sign up to assist with Irrigation

Roxanna Lopez: Lead Tool Shed

  • Welder provided estimate to replace door hinges and weld additional piece of metal along door to reduce attempts of break-ins.
    • Will send out a proposal for door repairs if required.
  • Reminder to hold door when pressing number on key pad, then before leaving, please test the door has locked.
  • There is a leak on one ceiling panel, so slippery when entering trailer so be careful. Repair will take place in April.
  • Tool shed is not a personal storage shed for gardeners but a shared space for tools, bee items, community bed and giving garden items.
  • If personal storage space is needed, it is suggested to purchase a bin and keep near your plot.

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