Notes from All Garden Meeting 6/24/2015

Some items covered at the last meeting (held June 24, 2015)

Lawn: After some discussion it was the consentience of those present that we would not remove the lawn and replace it with new sod at this time. We also discussed the digging proposed for solving the drainage problem by the tool shed. Craig really didn’t think this would work and since he knows the irrigation and water systems the best we put off the digging. He suggested covering it will cement board. If anyone can help do this, please contact Bonnie. Also, since the meeting we have found a probable leak that may affect the problem and that is being worked on. The other work being done on the lawn is we are attempting to find someone who knows how to do threshing which would help the lawn. Then we will fertilize. As for the clover in the north lawn, we will be installing plastic over it to kill it. Then we will decide wither to replace with sod or seed. The clover in the middle lawn has been dug out and for now annual flowers have been planted around the bird bath. These can be removed if we bring in sod.

Signs: We discussed the signs suggested by the P-patch to reduce people taking ripe vegetables. We chose one and will have Sandy make us some laminated signs to post in the garden. We also discussed moving our big sign since it is not in a place where people can see it. We want to make our garden “visible” in our neighborhood. It was decided we should make some posters and post them throughout our neighborhood. If you have graphic art skills and/or picture taking skills and would be interested in putting together a poster about the UpGarden, please let Bonnie know.

There was a lot of discussion about our Compost which is out of control. Amanda and Bonnie are working on proposal to work this out.
Until then there are several things you can do to help with this problem:
1. Chop your own compost. If it comes out of your bed, it is your responsibility to chop all you plant material.

2. Use your compost to mulch your own bed. Many of us chop our compost and then put it around our plants. For example, if you look at the Giving Garden, you can see how they chopped their peas and then used them for mulch. This helps keep moisture around your plants.

3. If you don’t want to compost in your own bed, we need mulch around the common bed plants. You can even take compost out of the compost bins, cut them up and place them in common beds. Please no seeding plants.

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