Minutes for All Garden Meeting 10/22/2014

1) Composting – Amanda Hannah – Amanda is taking on the compost lead. She is going to be re-structuring the bins and will post new instructions. She asked that we be careful about not putting diseased material in the bins since they do not reach temperatures needed to destroy disease. This led to a discussion about what to do with the material. It needs to be removed from the garden and this can be a problem. After some discussion, it was decided that we will try having a garbage bin for this type of material only. We will offer volunteer hours for people willing to remove it from the garden and will provide that person with a parking ticket to cover the time they need to do this. Please watch for more information. It is important that people do not just put their compost in here because they don’t want to do the work of cutting it up to put in compost bins. This is being done as a courtesy for gardeners, so please do not misuse.

2) Winterizing and volunteer hours – Sandy Pernitz. Sandy went over the ways a gardener can winterize their beds. First, you can use cover crops. There is a box in the tool shed (formally known as the trailer) in which there is clover crop seeds and some fava beans. There is also a bag in there which had smaller fava bean seeds. Two points were made when discussing the clover crop. One is that it is important in the spring to cut and turn the clover before it seeds. During one of the classes we had this spring, we were taught that you need to turn the clover at least three weeks before you plant spring and summer plants, so you need to plan ahead. The second issue was planting empty plots with clover. This keeps the soil covered but last spring we had the problem of those beds not being monitored and then the clover spread when it when to seed. The beds will be monitored this next spring so we do not have clover spread.
Volunteer hours are due by November 1, 2014. Please submit your hours to Monika at myself@mo-neek-a.org as soon as possible. Additional information can be found at http://www.upgarden.org/node/111

3) Tool shed – Roxanna Lopez – Roxanna is having tools sharpened. She also picked up two good shears to be used for cutting up compost to replace the machetes. She also reminded us that personal items such as fertilizer should not be stored in shed. The shed has limited space and only all garden items should be in there. We also discussed the problem of tools and water keys disappearing. Please return items to shed for the use of all gardeners. It was also suggested that people buy their own keys; a universal key only costs a few dollars. The garden has had to buy keys twice this season.

4) Giving Garden – We thanked Anna Loewin for over two years of exceptional leadership of the giving garden program. She will be helping our new co-leaders Jamila Hussein and Marilyn Roy to transition into leadership. They have already planted the garden for winter and spring produce and winterized other areas of the garden. Jamila reminded us that they need volunteers when harvesting and delivering food to the food bank. We are now working with the Queen Anne food bank and that is working well for us and for them. More information will be coming as they move forward.

5) Statuses on common beds – The common beds are almost completely planted. There will be some early spring bulbs planted and some prim roses in the early spring to help our bees. Whenever it is over 45 degrees they forage, so need plants flowering during those times. We came in under the $200 proposed and accepting last year.

6) Finance report - Our trust fund balance is $ 2,611.83. $380 of that is allocated for bees as per our proposal passed last year. Bonnie expressed her concern that with her now being the lead that she wanted someone else to also be involved in the finances. She and the trust fund have a good process worked out for submitting reimbursement requests and would like to continue doing this. She asked that someone audit our finance sheets every three months so that accountability is kept clear. Norm Roberts offered to do this.

7) Garbage and disposal of plant material – Bonnie reminded us that we need to take out our own garbage since we have limited garbage pickup and want to keep that for cleanup and visitor garbage. It was also pointed out that plant material should only be disposed of in the compost bins or diseased plants should not be left in the garden. After some discussion that we had in talking about the compost bins, it was established that we will get some special garbage cans for diseased plant material and have it hauled out by gardeners who will get volunteer hours for this. This will get set up shortly.

8) Security and produce loss – We discussed the security and emergency procedures. It is important to contact Seattle Center Security directly at 206-684-7272. Please put this number in your cell phone. The blue emergency call boxes go to an outside source and are not as effective as contacting security. The Center security has increased the amount of paroles and is also now doing walk throughs several times a day. If you ever feel you do not get a good response, please contact Bonnie as she has a working relationship with the supervisor now. We discussed some suggestions to deal with loss of produce. One recent post on the all p-patch emails suggested using low fences around plots and that garden had had good results. Instead of using the wording as suggested in one of those posts, one person suggested that we explain any extra food went to the food banks. Another person said that he had put up a sign that explained this food was used by his family all year long and that seemed to help.

9) Projects from winning City Peoples’ contest – there was a short discussion about our winning the grand prize from the contest. Since time was getting short, Bonnie said she will have meetings in the early spring to put together committees of interested persons. She encouraged us to look over the entry to see where you might want to get involved. There is a copy of this here: http://www.upgarden.org/City_Peoples_contest_final.pdf . There will also be one in the resource book that is being put together for the tool shed.

10) Classes next year? Resources- We discussed how the classes went this year and if we wanted to have them again next year. There was positive response and people felt it would be good to have classes again next year. Since these classes were paid for from levy funds, we would have to pay for them from our trust funds. It was felt we could have fewer classes and Craig offered to run the watering and irrigation one at no cost. Bonnie will contact the teachers and see if they can condense the classes and since they have already run ones, could do it for a lower cost. She will report back and the gardeners can then make a final decision on had we will proceed. Bonnie will be putting together a notebook of resources for the tool shed. We have some resource books now and she will purchase the book that Colin, one of the instructors has written about roof top gardening.

11) Feedback from gardeners - One gardener expressed concern about one of our gardeners who has been sick and suggested we could find ways to help him. Since the meeting, Bonnie contacted this gardener and he is transferring to an ADA raised bed. He is very happy about this and we will continue to support him in having a good gardening experience. If you or any one you know has difficulties due to family issues or medical issues, please contact Bonnie or Sandy as we always want to help.

If you have any additions or corrections, please contact Bonnie so she can update the minutes. bonnie_hedman@Hotmail.com

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