Meeting Minutes from Sept 11, 2013 Operations Meeting

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Sept. 11, 2013 from 7-8pm Metropolitan Market

Meeting called to order
Mary Sessin opened the meeting at 7:00PM
Thanks to all of the attendees that joined us for the monthly UpGarden Operations Meeting.

Those present: Bonnie Hedmann, Scott Mills, Melissa Levin, Nancy Coe, Carrie Pucko, Kristina Westlbrook, Craig Moore and Marilyn Roy

Mary asked for the Fund Raising Committee Report.

Fund Raising Committee Report – Bonnie Hedman
Chairman Bonnie Hedman reported that the ballot passed to fund her Common Bed proposal for $300.
Projects underway:
• Fundraising Raffle
• Potluck dinner scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 29th at 5PM
• Prizes include an Endless Watering Can, UpGarden apparel T-shirt, Hat, & Tote bag, and donated Gift Certificates from Metropolitan Market and other vendors.
• Tickets, $1 each or 6 for $5 are being sold on Wed. evenings 6-7 and Sat. 10-12. Total sold so far is $32.
• Selling Starts to Gardeners
• Purchased starts are to be planted in New ADA plot for 1 month and then will be sold to gardeners for $3.50 for 4 plants. This includes broccoli, cauliflower and other winter plants.
• Selling UpGarden Apparel
• The sale of UpGarden logo shirts, hats and totes has begun. Bonnie showed us the nice poster that will be displayed at the garden to advertise the sale.
• Logo shirts, hats and Tote Bags will be available for $20.

Garden Projects Report and Funding Proposal - Mary Sessions
• A new ballot must be submitted for approval by members by Oct. 15 to spend the remaining $11,000 of monies that Laura has budgeted from the balance of the original build budget.
• Mary reviewed with us a schedule of projects and costs already identified by Laura which included soil amendment, cold frame purchase, compost bin supplies, plants for common beds, creating an ADA and raised bed, bulletin board, bees, gate trellis plants, sink installation and picnic tables with totaled $8,480.
• Discussion followed on how to allocate the remaining $2,520.
• Mary will email the revised funding proposal and Bonnie will put together the ballot to be submitted to the garden members to approve.

Other Old and New Business
• Drainage Project needs to be completed by fall – Craig Moore will be working on the details for this project.
• Proposal for Fertilizer and Soil Upgrade - Laura has identified what nutrients need to be added to the soil to upgrade based on the soil test results.
• Neighborhood Matching Funds – Marilyn attended a meeting on Sept 10 and has the application materials to start working on a proposal to be submitted Oct. 7 or by the following March deadline. See attached notes for detailed information from that meeting.

Next Meeting – scheduled for 2nd Wed in October – Amory at the Seattle Center
Meeting adjourned 8:00PM – respectfully submitted by Marilyn Roy

Neighborhood Matching Fund
Meeting Notes – 9/10/13

Next applications due date: 10/7/2013
Warning: Alynn Ruth, project manager, advised that it might be difficult to get a really good application together in time for submission in Oct. but she said we can start working with them on an application to be submitted for the next deadline in March, 2014. March 2014 funding details will be available 11/2013.

Anticipated number of grants to be given out in Oct. 2013 – approximately 200
Amount of Funds available 10/7/2013 – approximately $1,200,000
Time line to implement project would be 1 year – (Jan.-Dec.0214)

They are looking to see if the projects meet these important qualifications:
Does it involve Self Help and lots of Volunteer participation from Seattle residents?
Is it within the Seattle city limits?
Is it an organized group (like 501C3) who can front the money for reimbursement by the Match program?
Is it a Community Building type project which might include diverse cultural groups?
Is there a clear public benefit? (Food security is generally funded along with environmental concerns)
Is there a visible and viable outreach component?
Will it have a demonstrated outcome that would appear to be a good use of public funds?
Does the project have city and Seattle Center approval and proper permits planned for?
Do you have insurance coverage included?

Match funds for physical construction is 1 : 1 ratio.
Match funds for Non Physical Projects are 1 : 1/2 ( $1000 match for $500 volunteer hours)
Match funds for donated equipment? may depend on whether a physical project?

Application needs to be submitted in the on-line form (MS Word version is available to work with)

It is advisable to start working with a project manager from Dept of Neighborhoods right away to advise you and carefully review your application before submitting it. They want to avoid any critical errors that could disqualify your project.

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