Common Areas Proposal, 8/30/2013

The Common Areas Committee submits the following proposal. This proposal will be voted on by UpGarden plot-holders. Voting starts 8/30 and ends 9/9. An email ballot will be sent 8/30 and paper ballots will be in the trailer/toolshed.

Needs and Plans for the Common Beds

Finishing common beds with perennials and evergreen plants:

Replace annual plants in geranium bed to save money and fill in rest of empty areas in the upper L shaped beds and the small bed next to the trailer. We would like to add the following plants to our authorized list: hardy geraniums, Mondo grasses, other grasses, heather, Lenten Roses (which bloom in early spring) We are asking for $200 for this project. We will be adding perennials so will not be any need to buy them again. Evergreen plants give us color all year. Winter color helps us attract winter humming birds and early pollinators which helps our early spring crops and our late fall crops. We have visitors all year. I saw and visited with people all year. We will plant with seeds for pansies since they grew so well during the fall, winter and early spring. Also, the evergreen plants means we will not have to put in cover crops which cause us trouble last year.

Plants for gate trellises: China Blue vine, grapes, or other vining plants: 4 plants @$17.00 or less if buy bare roots in March and half off by mid-March. Then $20 for filler plants in gate beds. One bed now has miniature roses that are doing well and may not need any additional plants. With having perennial plants to tie beds together and climb trellises, should not have to spend much on filler plants. This should run about $50.00

Summer: Herb bed by trailer has been planted mainly with perennial plants, should only need basil which grows easily from seed and we also get starts from Lettuce Link. If we get hardy geraniums and Mondo grass for winter color, they should continue into summer since they are evergreen. Seattle Center is donating their geraniums when they take them out at the end of summer.

We will plant them and take them to an area where they can winter over, so this will help us keep our costs down. We will also do this with the geraniums in our bed.
The long beds along the north side, Roy Street are now full of perennials and self-seeding plants and the one on the south end on the Mercer Street side, is also full of perennials and self-seeding plants, so there shouldn’t be any need to purchase anything for those beds.

The long bed on the east end where the bees will be placed, is full of self-seeding plants and a few perennial plants so that bed should not need any more money spent on it.
The upper L shaped beds have perennials and plants that will spread. If we add some evergreen winter plants there won’t be any more need to buy more for those beds except some more ground cover which could be done with the evergreen plants discussed earlier.

The berry patch plants will all come back except for the filler plants such as the lobelia we have in there now. These are very colorful and visitors comment on them and they don’t compete with the berry roots, so if we send about $30 dollars, we can plant that bed nicely.

Because of our harsh environment up there, we need to understand that we may need to spend some money occasionally to replace plants, but we are working hard to keep that at a minimum.

This proposal passed by a vote of the gardeners.

By Stephanie Krimmel

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