Meeting Notes from August 14 meeting

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Aug. 14, 2013 from 7-8pm - Seattle Center Armory

Meeting called to order

Mary Sisson opened the meeting at 7:05.

Thanks to all of the attendees that joined us for the monthly UpGarden Operations Meeting.
Those present: Bonnie Hedmann, Scott Mills, Valerie Heide Mudra, Melissa Levin and Marilyn Roy

Mary asked for the Fund Raising and Art Project Committee Reports.

Fund Raising Committee Report

Chairman Bonnie Hedmann reported that the Fund Raising committee had met recently. Bonnie, Scottie and Marilyn attended.

  • Projects proposed:
    • Fundraising Raffle
      • Proposed date and time - Potluck dinner Sunday, Sept. 29th at 5PM
  • Prizes include an Endless Watering Can, UpGarden apparel T-shirt, Hat, & Tote bag, and donated Gift Certificates from QFC, Starbucks, Metropolitan Market, Stoneway Hardware and City Hardware etc.
  • Tickets, $1 each or 6 for $5, will be on sale during the month and blocks of tickets will be available for checkout from Bonnie.
  • Need to do :

Bonnie to confirm date of event with Nancy

Melissa to take pictures of apparel for posters

Melissa to arrange entertainment - Guitar /singer

Make poster for event for posting at garden

Coordinate postcards to be sent by Sandi (Dept of Neighborhoods)

  • Sell Starts to Gardeners
  • Purchase starts from an organization advertizing in p-patch news and plant starts in empty ADA plot for 1 month or so until they are good size. They will be fertilized with fish fertilizer and liquid kelp to insure their quality.
  • Sell the grown starts to garden members for twice the cost. Since the plants will be brought at wholesale, the price will be well below resale cost.
  • Sell UpGarden Apparel
  • Logo shirts, hats and Tote Bags will be available for $5 over cost
  • Sell Garden hoses
    • Scottie has 7 hoses (cost $10/ea.) to sell to gardeners for $15 or other P-Patches through Sandi
  • Fund Raising Grants
    • $2500 matching Grants available through Neighborhood Association
    • Meeting Sept. 10th to be attended by Bonnie and Marilyn and they will report back to the operational meeting on process to apply for grants.

All proceeds of Fund Raising projects will go to the p-patch trust account to be used for garden needs. This is where we got the money for the new hoses. The trust fund covers needs of the garden.

  • Funding proposal for Common Bed Plants and other items
  • Requested approximately $200 for plants and $100 for other items
  • Bonnie submitted proposal for review at last operations meeting 7/10/13
  • Bonnie needs to get this proposal approved by Garden members by vote since the price is over $100 ( will be posted in trailer and be voted on by email over a 10 day period)

Art Committee Report and Funding Proposals - Melissa, committee chairman, discussed proposed projects:

  • Decoration of Message Board
  • Boys & Girls Club, and other youth will be painting small tiles with nature theme to frame our new message board. Cork or other material needs to be added for posting items.
  • Melissa needs to contact Laura to get paint supplies approximately $100
  • Mural patterns are available from a Fremont group to decorate garden area with painted themes
  • Juried art contest for local area artists
  • Winning paintings will be displayed around garden area
  • Melissa needs to prepare Art Funding Proposal now for all projects and picnic tables from original build so they can be sealed/painted or decorated appropriately. Since these projects are part of the original design, the money will come out of the original grant, not the trust fund.
  • Plan for Scarecrows can be worked out

Other Old and New Business

  • Clean up of common area
  • Wood in lumberyard needs to be sized / stacked / and sorted
  • Bail of straw needs to be moved to make clear and safe path for watering
  • Volunteers needed - Please signup to serve on Committees
  • Requested - an update of the committee list be sent to all members so they can get signed up
  • Requested - a list of plot holders so that gardeners can coordinate with neighbors
  • Proposal for Fertilizer and Soil Upgrade
  • UpGarden soil was tested recently and samples showed that soil needs to be upgraded with additional soil and fertilizer
  • City/State to make recommendations
  • As soon as timing and details are available from the City, this information will be made available to the gardeners.

Meeting adjourned 8:10 PM.

Submitted by Marilyn Roy

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