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Date: Thursday, April 25 at 7:00pm
Attendees: Sandy (Seattle Neighborhoods), Lisa. Scott, Craig, Rocky, Bonnie, Lane (Seattle Center), Chaz, Ezra, Nancy, Anna



  • Rules & Protocols Review
    • Updated campus rules are posted on the Seattle Center Website:
    • The garage is part of the Seattle Center and is open 24/7 with security on duty 24/7 as well
    • We are the garden’s eyes (since there are no cameras), please report any illegal/suspicious activity
    • Security emergency phone: 206-684-7272 –OR—911
    • Blue emergency call stations located on the NE and NW corners of the garage, lower level
    • Non-Emergency customer service: 206-684-7200 (8am – 8pm, 7 days a week)
    • Bathrooms are located on Level A, near the elevators, and are not open 24/7, bathrooms in theaters or QFC
  • Seattle Center – Our Partner
    • The Seattle Center would like to build a stronger partnership with the UpGarden and its gardeners, especially since the UpGarden attracts both locals and tourists
    • If you have some ideas that will bring positive awareness to the UpGarden, Giving Garden and the Seattle Center, please let us know. Ideas should address public needs, such as giving gardens, urban organic gardening, P-Patch fundraising, etc.
    • Email your ideas to Sandy Pernitz (

YEAR IN REVIEW (Entire Team)

  • The drainage problem has been fixed!
  • Thanks to all who helped in removing the old pipes & replacing with mats; a lot of soil was moved!
  • Craig is taking the lead for all UpGarden Water issues, planning and management; and will review the new system with Seattle Center officials
  • We still need to be very aware of over-watering and timer settings
  • More information and training will be coming soon, especially for new gardeners

Area Leads & Meetings

  • We are scheduling consistent monthly Area Meetings starting May 8 at 7pm in the Seattle Center Armory, NW corner
  • Area meetings will be held every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7pm, NW corner in the Seattle Center Armory; anyone can attend, please join us!

UpGarden Coordinator

  • We are seeking an UpGarden Coordinator; 20 estimated volunteer hours, per year
  • Details of the Coordinator role:
    • Act as a liaison with the city P-Patch office/Sandy Pernitz
    • Coordinate whole teams of leads and communicate garden wide
    • Contact gardeners, recruit volunteers to lead other roles, if needed
    • Help solve problems within the garden
  • Please email or call Sandy Pernitz if interested (206-684-0284,


  • The Area Leads are working on an UpGarden welcome package and script to welcome new gardeners to our P-Patch and we could use your help!
  • The current process for new gardeners, led by Sandy Pernitz, is to send an UpGarden Overview via email
  • We are building on this and adding orientation guidelines, water education/policy and more
  • Our goal is to welcome new gardeners, offering a friendly exchange that focuses on education, understanding, trust and FUN!
  • If you have some ideas on the New Gardener Welcome package , please join us at our next meeting, Wednesday, May 8 at 7pm, NW corner of the Seattle Armory building


  • Area Leads are your first point of contact with questions about your garden, concerns about your neighbors, basic garden information, etc.
  • Our goal is to promote a fun, happy gardening experience for all, rather than policing everyone
  • Invasive Plant Guidelines are posted in the trailer, with handouts located on the main desk (right of entry)
  • We realize that at this time of year, many gardens are overgrown, changing ownership, or need some TLC
  • If you have a concern about your/your neighbors’ garden, please follow these steps:
    • Contact your Area Lead with details
    • The Area Lead will respond to you/your neighbor
    • If information/concerns/issues are not resolved within the UpGarden, the Area Lead will escalate through P-Patch channels


  • Upper and lower beds are planted! J Flowers are planted and are attracting bees, which will aid in pollinating our garden plants
  • Hummingbirds have arrived (and they eat aphids) and bird houses will soon be installed; Bonnie is seeking bird nesting material for the bird houses and will communicate needs to everyone
  • The upper center bed is temporarily a Giving Garden bed, producing additional produce for donations; once section of this bed is still dedicated to the Children’s Garden
  • Two more ADA raised beds are planned for building very soon, located between the current two ADA raised beds in the upper garden area; thanks to Rocky for promising to build these beds!
  • Bonnie will continue to reach out to sponsors for garden donations


  • Julie and Scott are diligently working on building additional compost bins at both the current location (lower garden) and the new location (upper garden, near the trailer); thanks Julie and Scott!
  • Scott and the team is obtaining more cutting tools for the compost
  • Each gardener should cut their old plant refuse into small bits and place in the center compost bin
  • We are working on compost 101 education for all gardeners; stay tuned!


  • How many compost bags should a plot use? We need to be careful not to add too much compost to our plots, due to weight restrictions. Sandy Pernitz (Seattle P-Patch program) will communicate compost guidelines, especially around plot weight; stay tuned!
  • What about the bee farm? The bees have been put on hold until we have a stronger plan and leadership. Chaz is interested in the program (thanks Chaz)
  • My plot soil is low, where can I get more soil? The soil located in the dedicated picnic table areas (2) is available for gardener use, especially on those plots with reduced soil. Please use no more than 3 wheel barrels per plot.
  • What is the status of the trellis’? Tom is going to finish the trellis’ for us…Thanks Tom!
  • Are we to clean tools after use? YES, please thoroughly brush off and clean the dirt from any tool used in the trailer before replacing.

JOIN US at the next Area Lead Meeting on Wednesday, May 8 at 7pm at the NW corner of the Seattle Armory!

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