Drainage Project Description

Details of the Drainage Project

UpGarden will be installing drainage mats under portions of plots that are over the gutters/curbs to alleviate our drainage problem. This means digging into some plots.

When: the project will begin on Saturday February 9 at 10am and continue on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays starting at 10am) with the goal of completing the project by Sunday March 3.

Who will be affected: all plots over the gutters/curb; i.e. plots along the north and south walls and the center median.

What will be happening:
1. We will dig up the dirt down to the cement along the curb/gutter and four feet out from the curb for plots below/east of the grass (two feet out from the curb for plots above/west of the grass) for the entire length of affected plots.
2. Drain mat will be laid down directly on the bare cement.
3. The dirt that was removed will be replaced over the top of the drain mat.

What you need to do:
1. If your plot is in the project: move any plants you want to save and place them in pots or one corner of your plot away from the work area.
2. If your plot is adjacent to a plot in the project, be prepared to have dirt piled on your plot during the work. Mark any plants that can't be buried.
3. If you plot is not involved in the project or adjacent to a plot in the project, you don't have to do anything.

Please contact your area lead for more information. Area lead contact information goes out in our regular emails and is also posted in the toolshed.

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