UpGarden Decision-Making Process

Approved by a vote of the garden: 7/18/2012
Decision-Making Process for the UpGarden P-Patch

To establish a simple, standardized process for decision-making at the UpGarden P-Patch that is documented and can live on in the garden year after year regardless of who is the site coordinator.

I. Introduction

A. Gardener is defined as anyone who at the time of action is:
1. Registered by the P-Patch program as a Plot Holder at UpGarden
2. Listed as an alternate contact for a plot on the UpGarden Plot Holders list maintained by the P-Patch program
3. Documented to have contributed 8 or more volunteer hours to UpGarden in the past calendar year (not including hours prior to June 16, 2012)

B. This process will apply any time an individual gardener or a group of gardeners in the UpGarden P-Patch may wish to:
1. Make a garden expenditure of over $100 (see section III for items under $100)
2. Create a new rule (in addition to those set by the P-Patch Program).
3. Recommend a major addition or revision to the common areas. Examples:
a. Add a new common element or art feature
b. Removing all plantings from community beds and redesigning the beds
c. Demolishing and rebuilding the compost bins

C. This process must be followed before any gardener or group of gardeners may proceed with any action covered by this process.

D. Gardener donation of funds, materials and/or labor for a proposed project, while appreciated, does not legitimize a move to action without having followed this Decision-Making Process.

II. Submitting Proposals and Approval Process

A. Gardener or group of gardeners will submit a simple (1-page) Proposal to the site coordinator or an area leader. The proposal shall include:
1. Overview of the project
2. Reason/purpose for the project
3. Perceived pros & cons of the project and desired results
4. Timeline for completion
5. Dollar figures or donation amounts required to complete the project
6. Names of gardener(s) submitting the Proposal

B. The site coordinator or area leader will communicate the Proposal to the rest of the UpGarden P-Patch gardeners via email, posting on UpGarden.org, and posting in the tool shed; with a call for votes by a given date (not less than 10 days after the original communication). During this period of voting, gardeners are encouraged to communicate with each other to discuss any differences of opinion regarding the Proposal.

C. Voting will occur electronically and via a ballot box in the tool shed.

D. The site coordinator or area leader will compile responses and communicate back first to the proposing gardener(s) and then to the entire UpGarden with a summary of all gardeners’ responses and the result of the vote determined by the following:
1. Approval by 60% of Gardeners (as defined in I.A) will constitute adoption of the Proposal. A Gardener’s silence will be considered as his or her approval; however
2. If 25% of responders express disapproval of the Proposal, counting of the votes will be delayed for 5 days to provide gardeners with additional time to discuss the Proposal. Organization of such discussion is the responsibility of individual Gardeners, and not the site coordinator or area leaders.
3. Without approval by 60% of Gardeners (as described in II.D.1) the Proposal will be denied.

III. Note Regarding Expenditures under $100

A. The site coordinator or area leaders may purchase or authorize reimbursement for regular maintenance items for the garden that fall under $100 (as budget allows) such printing, communications, hoses, nozzles, tools, etc.

B. Any gardener noticing such a maintenance need in the garden may get permission from site coordinator or area leader to make such a purchase and to be reimbursed accordingly.

C. All reimbursement will be paid through the fundraising coordinator or treasurer from the UpGarden’s account with the P-Patch Trust.

IV. Donations of Materials or Funds

A. Any gardener making a donation of materials, maintenance items, or funds should report it to the site coordinator or an area leader, not only to be thanked, but also to ensure that the item is needed by the garden. This also helps the City compile statistics about community involvement.

B. The site coordinator or area leader who accepts the donation will notify the fundraising coordinator or treasurer who will record all donations; and all funds shall be deposited into the UpGarden’s account with the P-Patch Trust.

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